Connection Enterprises was founded over ten years ago to meet the needs of companies working to communicate and understand the customers' needs, likes, dislikes, and opinions.

Our clients' customers are dealt with from three important aspects:

1. Consumers of current services must be understood, shown they are valued highly, and taken seriously in responsiveness and future planning.

2. Initiate necessary action to repair the customer relationship whenever customer expectations are not met.

3. Listen carefully for any clues regarding upcoming needs or desires relative to our clients' relationships with their customers.

*We probe what the customer desires as well as how well our clients are meeting the goal up to the day of the call.*

This is all done within the overriding motive of "making a friend". From obtaining customer feedback, our clients typically gain ongoing and specific insight into how to improve their operating methods.

Connection Enterprises (CE) primarily provides feedback from customers regarding all issues - both past and anticipated. CE employees are highly trained as listeners. CE provides its customers feedback from their customers and prospects regarding what makes the company/customer relationship work, regardless of the extent to which the goals are currently being met.

CE has made over one million customer/prospect calls since its inception. Complaints regarding our calling service have been essentially non-existent. Numerous issues and problems have been avoided ultimately by knowing what the customer's view of service or product is and responding appropriately. Our callers are highly trained and supervised, focusing on a friendly, clear, non-intrusive conversation, with primary focus on finding what the customer/prospect wants to say (including insight into our clients' performance when a relationship exists).

It is typically impressive what our customers are able to learn from using us to listen to their customers' and prospects' views. This program works with any business. Having highly-skilled people listening to customers' or prospects' views is always a good idea. Typically this program leads to a fresh perspective of how your business is seen in the marketplace.

The process for utilizing our services is very user-friendly for our customer.

We respond to the results of our calling efforts with daily summaries of each call. In the event of a problem, follow-up issues are clearly noted. When customers need attention on the day of the call, we communicate immediately to our client via prearranged method (typically email).
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